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  • 23 October 2020
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Vicar of Christ review ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook This book is an unusual fascinating and well written observation of the life of a man who was first a war hero and Medal of honor winner from the Korean War then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court thirdly a monk and finally elected Pope His overly exciting life is described by three men who 'knew him well' The first narrator is a Mar. Howdy folks So I bumped accidentaly on this book on a shelf of the place I work in I ve never heard of it but the theme of the book poised much interes A big chunk of 630 pages was a challenge to read in english I must say that the book is very good with a cool style and interesting story which really captivates you 23 of a book were really great but then the heresy views of a new pontific started to come out I started feeling bias of the main character and through him our writer towards many teachings and rules of the catholic church But I would first like to give a small overview of the story The book is divided into 5 parts We hear the story from the mouth of five maybe four as first and last chapted might be the same guy people who talk to somebody about our protagonist as the knew him well in diferrent parts of his life Their talks are tape recorded Our protagonist is a man called Declan Patric Walsh who was a hero of the second world war and aswell the Korean war He is charismatic witty very smart moral man and a natural leader who you instantly like as an example of a nearly perfect man we all strive to be like Between two wars Declan becomes a professor in the law school and after some time gets elected for a very interesting motive and reason as a chief justice of the USA supreme court After a short spell in the trappist monastery he gets elected as a new pope I dont wanna give you any details of the story as I would not want to spoil it for the possible future readersIt was great reading about the work of the supreme court as it touched some very interesting topics relevant to these days like abortion and affirmative action You can see clash of different views and agreements around some views but for completely different reasons for example in the discussion concerning the laws in georgia and texas who forbaded abortion in cases other than life of a mother is in danger some judges although they are privately for abortion thought that legislatures of Georgia and Texas didnt act unreasonably towards the constitution They said that they face the clash of rights not wrongs as mother has a right to privacy and baby has a right to life In that case state has to strike a balance between rights The balance is reasonable although they would if they were legislators strike the balance at some other place So they think that the decision is on the legislators of a certain state who are voted by the people of the state not the supreme court judges Walsh on the other side decided the same but on the argument that because we are not certain when fetus becomes human until proven otherwise one has to chose the side of the life over the privacy as he think that constitution sees protection of the dignity of human life as its highest value The interesting thing is the way judges look at the function of supreme court and the government while Walsh think that the government has a duty to protect certain rigths some other think that government has obligation merely not to injure those rightsSome things happened and Walsh ended in the monastery Couple of years later we are at the conclave and he got elected The great thing in this third part of the book is the way how author describes clashes inside of the catholic church between modernists and traditionalists What I didnt like is the politics of the new pope who as todays pope of the same name is a modernist He wants church wage war against poverty i am not against it but saving souls not improving earthly life should be the main uest of the Church he wants to allow people married again to receive holy communion he is for use of contraception he sees church being unjust to women for not allowing them to be ordained and to men because of the celibacy here the celibacy issue is saved by the great speech of traditionalist La Torre a great character overall Towards the end of a book our pope goes full retard he wants to sell all of the church property and move to Jerusalem he publicly announces that all the catholics should leave the army and turn the other cheek to their enemies And icing on the cake was the reasoning that Jesus might not have been a God that is that he was coming to an understanding of his godness in time which culminated with his ressurectionAs I can understand all of it for the purpose of an interesting story what bothered me the most as a historian was popes stance on the pious xii the ww2 pope He rants how he is a disgrace for a church because of his silence maybe even collaboration with the nazis which is utter and disgraceful lie propagaded by the communists in the 60s And the second lie was that franciscans were harmful towards the jews in yugoslavia Of course another communist lieToo bad for the last third of a book it was really great until then In the last part of the book I just saw to much bias towards traditional teachings of the Church and a pope who wants to change things for better but he cant The better is of course liberal and poor church The better of course for the people outside of the Church not those of the Church As church should not be of this world but only in the worldAll in all an interesting read I think I have learned a lot I just dont like the way fictional pope Francis as well as the pope of this world see our universal church But at least this fictional pope dont craps about ecology Other then that they are in their views scarily similarHowghPs Sorry for grammatics

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Vicar of Christ review ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Nal is much interested in food than his subject But Declan Walsh was a man who earned the Medal of Honor while ordering the death of his best friend ruled pragmatically and energetically on the Court but lost his wife to death and neglect and became a miraculous healer assasinated for challenging the powers that rule the secular worl. First read this when it first came out Still an excellent novel

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Vicar of Christ review ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ine telling of their time together in Korea A constitutional scholar and Supreme Court Justice appalled at the new Chief Justice narrates the second phase The third is a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church; fat kind but distracted The Marine cares for him the most the Supreme Court Justice condescends and despises him and the Cardi. I read this years ago and it was pretty good but not great Maybe if I read it now I d have a different take on it