Guerrillas Journeys in the Insurgent World [E–pub/Kindle]

  • Paperback
  • 304
  • Guerrillas Journeys in the Insurgent World
  • Jon Lee Anderson
  • English
  • 01 June 2018
  • 9780142004975

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FREE READ ☆ Guerrillas Journeys in the Insurgent World Jahedin of Afghanistan the FMLN of El Salvador the Karen of Burma the Polisario of Western Sahara and a group of young Palestinians fighting against Israel in the Gaza Strip Making the most of unprecedented direct access to his subjects Anderson combines pow. My opinion of this book after only 20 pages was that it was horrible Having completed it that initial opinion is wholly confirmedThe author is imperialistic and definitely has a colonial outlook especially as it regards Western Sahara He fails to ever look at himself or his own Western culture never turning his microscope onto his own preconceptions sympathies and nationalism He never uestions how symbols are used by the guerillas and their followers nor does he ever look outside these communities in order to see how they fit in navigate and struggle against the larger contextHe describes

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FREE READ ☆ Guerrillas Journeys in the Insurgent World Erful firsthand storytelling with balanced penetrating analysis of each situation A work of phenomenal range analytical acuity and human empathy Guerrillas amply demonstrates why Jon Lee Anderson is one of our most important chroniclers of societies in crisi. A really interesting in field report on some groups most people wouldn t be able to communicate with A rare and objective psychological portrait if at times risking slight romanticization

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FREE READ ☆ Guerrillas Journeys in the Insurgent World Prior to gaining international renown for his definitive biography of Che Guevara and first hand reporting on the war in Ira for the New Yorker Jon Lee Anderson wrote Guerrillas a pioneering account of five diverse insurgent movements around the world the mu. Informative and educating though sometimes it drags on with uite a bit of meaningless detail I ve come to expect this from the kind of journalism meant to be entertaining enough like regular television that it might likely keep the masses reading and watchingThe first few chapters are of the most important educating use to me The rest gets bogged down by too much detail both graphic and personal paces like the speed of guerrilla conflict and resolves itself to focus less on functions and uses practical information on the goings on and on uotes and physical detailsBeyond Ch 3 it is defin