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  • Tesser A Dragon Among Us
  • Chris Philbrook
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  • 04 February 2018
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Read & Download Ì Tesser A Dragon Among Us Dowed even the glory of old magicThis was not the way it was supposed to beMeet Tesser the Dragon He who walks in any form and flies the skies free of fearA Dragon Among Us is Tesser's story Walk with him as he learns the human way and discovers the dark truth about why magic has really faded from the world he calls homeAnd just maybe humanity will remember why dragons were most noble and most savage creatures againWelcome to The Reemergenc. Having a hard time rating this The premise was good and there were genuinely great moments in the writing Unfortunately there were suirm and wince moments Resorting to bad caricature for the Brit Professor Cosmo Magazine stereotypes about women though some of the conversations between the two female leads were fairly accurate A protagonist who is sort of fifty shades of dragon and two underdeveloped male sidekicks Abe who tries way to hard with the pop culture references don t we all have a Deadmau5 teeshirt and way over the top F bomb dropping Liked the Canadian reference though Henry aka Spoon whatever happened to his wife The prose becomes really ponderous in places and some overuse of a thesaurus makes for a few amusing moments ie the pinnacle of the staircaseI could barely wait to finish it and at the same time did enjoy some passages Kind of like when you re stuck at the cottage and the only t

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Read & Download Ì Tesser A Dragon Among Us From the creator of Elmoryn and the author of the smash hit horror epic Adrian's Undead DiaryWelcome to Tesser A Dragon Among Us the first Reemergence NovelImagine for a moment that you are a Dragon A creature of unimaginable power unending intelligence and strength and you've just woken from ten thousand years of slumber Worse yet you've awoken underneath a city; Boston an alien and strange place that defies everything you've ever knownYou. Eh The first part was generally interesting but the second part was over the top absurd Maybe I should have magically transformed into a teenage boy before reading it I probably would have been appreciative

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Read & Download Ì Tesser A Dragon Among Us R last memories were of primordial forests erupting volcanoes sculpting a developing world faeries witches vampires krakens and monsters that feared where you turned your eyesBut all that is gone Humans only barely coming into their own in the world from your memory have taken over They have erected cities made of stone and steel erupting from the earth like stalagmites reaching for the high blue sky and developed sciences that have oversha. Gotta be the firstI honestly think this is my finest novel I love the setting the characters the dialogue and the love story that comes out of nowhere and yet seems to fit in just rightI sincerely hope that Tesser becomes the beginning of a wonderful literary experience for my readers as well as myselfWorld enjoy