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No Man's Land 1918 The Last Year of the Great War Free read Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook From freezing infantrymen huddled in bloodied trenches on the front lines to intricate political maneuvering and tense strategy sessions in European capitals noted historian John Toland tells of the unforgettable final year of the First World War As 1918 opened the Allies and Central Powers remained locked in a desperate bloody stalemate despite the deaths of millions of soldiers over the previous three and a half years The arrival of the Americans. Barbara Tuchman s Guns of August is indespensible for understanding the elements that culminated in the outset of The Great War I read No Man s Land to understand how the war ended with that oft misunderstood term an armistice I had thought that WWI was simply a four year stalemate over the same ground It was suprising to learn how close the Germans came to capturing Paris at the end of May and how desperate the French and British were until the Americans arrived It s a good book that can make a known outcome dramatic The closer it got to November 11th the harder it was to put the book down There were long swathes of grimness Trench warfare and tank warfare are two of the highest species of misery As a afficianado of Anthony Trollope I relished this side note by Lt Patrick Campbell The bombardment had turned him into another person one out of whom all courage had been poured away His fear haunted him and he thought if he had something to do he might forget it Afterward he had read Trollope s Framley Parsonage It was delightful Nothing happens in the book And one day I thought we may return to a life in which nothing ever happens1918 saw the end of three dynastic rulers in Russia Germany and Austria It also brought the influenza pandemic to which people succombed than deaths from all the battles of the Great War The book the writing the choice of stories and narratives all held my interest The descriptions of the end were poignant an orgy of rejoicing in London the silence on the battlefield the bitterness in Berlin In France they celebrated by singing Opera singers sang the three anthems of America Britain and France Choruses and folk songs followed It was a community song festival the like of which no city has ever seen and the like of which may never come againthe singing brought the great and exultant day to a close

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No Man's Land 1918 The Last Year of the Great War Free read Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Legendary German ace the Red Baron; Operation Michael a punishing German attack in the spring; the Americans' long awaited arrival in June; the murder of Russian Czar Nicholas II and his family the growing fear of a communist menace in the east; and the armistice on November 11 The different points of view of Germans Americans British French and Russians add depth complexity and understanding to the tragedies and triumphs of the War to End All Wars. A very readable account of the last year of the Great War it almost reads like a novel It goes almost day by day giving stories about what trench warfare was like based on experiences told about by survivors Also gives accounts of what the top brass and the politicians were doing and bickering about Toland covers both the Allies the UK France the USA and Germany The book is at its best covering the Western Front and events in Russia If you want to know in depth about what was happening elsewhere eg in Italy or the Middle East you will need to read other accounts Likewise to fully understand what happened in 1918 it helps a lot to know what all had happened since the outbreak of the war in 1914

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No Man's Land 1918 The Last Year of the Great War Free read Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Over there by the middle of the year turned the tide of war resulting in an Allied victory in NovemberIn these pages participants on both sides from enlisted men to generals and prime ministers to monarchs vividly recount the battles sensational events and behind the scenes strategies that shaped the climactic terrifying year It's all here the horrific futility of going over the top into a hail of bullets in no man's land; the enigmatic death of the. This book cover the last year of World War I starting with the German 1918 spring offensives It begins with good combat coverage including first hand accounts from participants It is over ambitions in also trying to cover events in Russia and detailed diplomacy there and on the western front Coverage of action on western front becomes much less detailed and then almost non existent as author focuses on diplomacy leading to armistice The book does not cover other events in Palestine Greece and Italy in any detail Book has good accounts from participants at all levels but has too broad a focus