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Free read The Other Lands Read & Download The Other Lands à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô David Anthony Durham Are being drawn A few years have passed since ueen Corinn has usurped control of the Known World and she now rules with an iron fist With plans to expand her empire she sends her brother Dariel on an exploratory mission across the sea to The Other Lan. This review originally appeared at RevolutionSFcomIf you look back at my review of Acacia The War With the Mein you ll find that I was reluctant to pick up something I knew was an unfinished trilogy I ended up enjoying the book immensely but I knew that book 2 when it came would come with a built in problemWhile book one of a trilogy can usually stand on its own book two is doomed to be incomplete Certainly characters are deepened and plot points are expanded but it s all in service to setting up the endgame to come in book three It s not that this set up can t be enjoyable it s just that the reader will be left dangling amongst the various plot threads waiting to see how it all comes out a situation which is particularly frustrating if the story is goodAnd make no mistake The Other Lands is good Durham builds on all the good points from Acacia the world building skill the finely drawn characters the level of detail and the solid pacing His world is a lush mix of political intrigue anthropology mythology and sorcery and it s a pleasure to spend time there even in the company of some very unpleasant people There are villains aplenty here and cultures beyond our understanding but nothing simplistic There are no easy answers to be found here no hero without a touch of darkness and no villain without reason for his or her actionsThe remaining Akarans reunited at the end of book one each struggle to come to terms with a victory that doesn t feel very much like a victory after the of their brother Aliver They are each also struggling with finding a balance between their responsibilities to the kingdom with those to their families Having grown up apart and in such different cultures from one another they find themselves unsure within their newly reunited family struggling to understand the motivations of people now so very different than those they remember Though they each have the same goal of a kingdom at peace they differ significantly in how they think that should be achievedThe various pieces are being moved into place for what looks like a truly epic endgame with Acacia facing seemingly impossible threats both from without and within Given the amount of care and thought that has gone onto the story so far I have no doubt that I will enjoy the trip wherever David Anthony Durham decides to take us

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The Other Lands

Free read The Other Lands Read & Download The Other Lands à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô David Anthony Durham “David Anthony Durham has serious chops I can’t wait to read whatever he writes next George R R MartinDavid Anthony Durham’s gripping Acacia Trilogy continues with an epic novel where loyalties are tested new worlds are discovered and battle lines. Here is my review heaped with praise but containing one major complaint David Anthony Durham is a great writer his phrasing is carefully chosen his words flow masterfully to create characters and scenes with depth and he keeps the pace moving with the skill of a pulp detective writer The Other Lands is perhaps a greater pleasure to read than the previous book in the series The three remaining Royal children are now adults and they are all struggling in their own livesCorrine Akaran is trying to come to grips with the power of monarchy holding it wielding it and building it She s attempting to be practical and not allow morality to corrupt the purity of power To this end she s treading a fine line between subject abuse and being taken advantage of by the League Dariel Akaran is sent to The Other Lands on a diplomatic mission which goes horribly wrong He has to use his survival instinct and his wits to recreate himself yet again Mena Akaran expands her legendary role as a warrior with a new discovery that of love and respect It s a great series and this is a wonderful book to readMy one complaint is that the book ends in a cliffhanger which is so cliche in the fantasy genre I loved that the first book ended at the end of a story arc and that there was resolution even as a new beginning emerged I think it s kind of a cheap ploy to chop a story in half in order to call it a series I know that method sells but Durham is such a good writer that I don t think he needs to worry about hooking his readers for the next installment Remember all those Tarzan books We read them all as kids even though each book had a definitive plot conclusion We didn t need cliffhangers and half told tales to keep our interest back then and we don t need them now

Free read ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô David Anthony Durham

Free read The Other Lands Read & Download The Other Lands à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô David Anthony Durham Ds There he discovers an alliance of tribes that have no interest in being ruled by ueen Corinn and the Akarans In fact Dariel’s arrival ignites a firestorm that once exposes The Known World to a massive invasion one unlike anything they have yet face. A brilliant seuel to AcaciaReally looking forward to its completionThe apocalyptic struggle against the conuering Mein has ended and a victorious Corinn Akaran reigns over the Acacian Empire of the known world Bolstered by her growing mastery of the forbidding sorcerous powers contained in the BOOK OF ELENET she rules with an iron handThe Other Lands follows on nine years after the events of the excellent Acacia In this seuel we see Corinn Akaran firmly established as ueen of Acacia alongside her son by Heinish Mein Prince Aaden Princess Mena is out in the Known World with her husband Melio defending the land from the creatures known as the foulthings The foulthings are abominations left over from the Santoth involvement in the war at the end of AcaciaNews also reaches the court from the mysterious Other Lands ueen Corinn dispatches her brother Prince Dariel to act as her emissary along with Sire Neen of the League of Vessels and soldiers of the Numrek to make greetings with the Lothan Aklun From the moment Dariel sets sail across the Grey Slopes the Known World will never be the same againRead the rest of the review herehttpwwwfantasybookreviewcoukDa